Let Real Estate Maintenance Solutions handle your next unit turn.  Whether it’s an apartment, house or office space, we are equipped and experienced to do the entire job from unit clear out to the final unit walk thru.


We’ll handle the initial clear out, any necessary electrical, plumbing, cosmetic or HVAC repairs, painting the unit, replacing any necessary appliances, and making sure the unit is clean and ready for the new tenant.


Our staff is qualified, licensed, insured and ready to repair:


• Any Electrical repairs or installations, for residential and commercial properties

• Any Plumbing repairs and replacement for residential and commercial  properties

• Most HVAC repairs, replacement and secure for residential  and commercial properties

• Drywall Repairs

• Carpentry Repairs

• Interior and Exterior Painting

• Deck and Fence Repairs

• Flooring


~ Full Unit Refuse Clear Out

~ Disinfect & Clean Bathrooms

~ Disinfect & Clean Kitchen

~ Clean Out Kitchen Cabinets

~ Refrigerator Clean Out

~ Stove & Oven Clean Out

~ Wash and/or Paint Walls

~ Wash and/or Paint Trim

~ Wash and/or Paint Doors

~ Wash and/or Paint Sills

~ Clean Tile & Grout

~ Clean Registers

~ Clean Ceiling Fans

~ Patch all Nail Holes

~ Patch or Replace Drywall

~ Replace Bulbs

~ Make Plumbing Repairs

~ Make Electrical Repairs

~ Vacuum/Mop as Required


PO Box 25

Grover, MO 63040

Phone: 314-322-8530


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